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Schausberger, Franz#

Schausberger, Franz, b. Steyr (Upper Austria), Feb. 5, 1950, scientist and politician (Austrian People´s Party OeVP), since 1996 Landeshauptmann of Salzburg. Studied philosophy, education and English, 1979-1989 director of the Austrian People´s Party (OeVP) in Salzburg, from 1989 chairman of the parliamentary group; 1991-1996 deputy chairman of the board of trustees at the Austrian broadcasting corporation, ORF. Since 1996 lecturer in contemporary history at Linz University, awarded the L. Kunschak Prize for his habilitation thesis "Ins Parlament, um es zu zerstoeren" (1995).

Further works: Volkspartei -- Anspruch und Realitaet, 1995 (ed. with R. Kriechbaumer); Vom Regierungsproporz zur Konkurrenz, 1999 (ed.).