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Albrecht V. als deutscher König Albrecht II#

b. Vienna, Aug. 10, 1397, d. Neszmely near Esztergom (Hungary), Oct. 27, 1439, son of Albrecht IV; Duke of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia and German King. 1411 declared of age by the Estates, though only in his fifteenth year, 1422 married Elisabeth, daughter of Emperor Sigismond (also King of Hungary and Bohemia), 1437 crowned King of Hungary, 1438 King of Germany and King of Bohemia. First in the line of Habsburg emperors (until 1740). Supported the reform of Austrian monasteries ("Melker Reform"), in 1421 expelled the Jews from Vienna, fought Hussites and Turks. His son Ladislaus Postumus was born after his death.


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