!!!Ambrosi, Gustinus

b. Eisenstadt (Burgenland), Feb. 24, 1893, 
d. Vienna, July 1, 1975 (suicide), sculptor and poet, became deaf at 
age seven. Successful portraitist in the style of Rodin aspiring to 
monumental-classical ideals but sometimes criticized for giving an 
impression of pathetic overstatement.

about 2,500 sculptures: large-scale sculptures and groups, over 
600 busts (S. Zweig, R. M. Rilke, A. Wildgans, F. Nietzsche, A. 
Strindberg, G. Hauptmann, K. Renner, T. Koerner, A. Schaerf, J. Raab, 
L. Figl, O. Helmer, Pius XII.). - Poetry: Die Sonette an Gott, 
1923; Einer Toten, 1937; Das Buch der Einschau, 1960.

F. Renisch, G. A., 2 vols., 1990.

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