!!!Ankerbrot AG

Ankerbrot AG, large bakery enterprise; founded 1891 in Vienna´s 
10%%sup th/%  district by Heinrich and Fritz Mendl. In 1914 the 
company had a staff of almost 1,300; in 1922 it became a family-run 
joint stock company; in 1938 it was confiscated and turned into Nazi 
property ("aryanised"). After 1945 the company was returned 
to its rightful owners; in 1969 it was taken over by the Schoeller 
Group, which merged it with the Hammerbrotwerke bread factory in 
Floridsdorf, Vienna. In 1981 Helmut A.  Schuster and his brother 
Gerhard Schuster acquired the firm, which underwent considerable 
expansion. In 1997 74% of Ankerbrot AG was sold to Muellerbrot GmbH; 
while the Schuster retained a 23% interest; the remaining shares are 
widespread holdings. In 1997 the company had a staff of 2,630 and a 
turnover of ATS 2.2 bn.

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