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Bucquoi von Longueval, Karl Charles Bonaventura, Freiherr von Vaux, Graf von Bonaventura#

d. Nove Zamky, Slovakia (then Neuhaeusel), July 21, 1621, field marshal. Initially in service with the Spanish crown, 1618 imperial commander-in-chief in the Bohemian war; gained victory over E. von Mansfeld on June 10, 1619; defended Vienna in October 1619, collaborated unwillingly with the army of the League, conquered Moravia after the Battle of the White Mountain; captured Bratislava and cities in the Slovakian mountains in the campaign against Bethlen Gábor in May 1621, but died in battle near Neuhaeusl.


Um Glauben und Reich, Kurfuerst Maximilian I., catalogue, Munich 1980; NDB.