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Dachstein Caves, cave system on the northern edge of the Dachstein mountain, can be reached by cableway from Obertraun to Schoenbergalm pasture (alt. 1,338 m). The system comprises the "Rieseneishoehle" cave ("giant ice cave", 2,000 m, fitted with electric light since 1928), one of Central Europe´s largest subterranean ice landscapes, seen by more than 200,000 visitors per year, and the "Mammut" cave (47,978 m, impressive tunnels with stalactites), one of Europe´s largest limestone caves, the tunnels of which were carved by a subterranean river. 1981 discovery of a vertical extension of 1,180 m. The Dachstein caves were first explored, measured and made accessible in 1909/10 and granted the status of a nature preserve in 1928.