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Ditters von Dittersdorf, Carl bis 1773 C. Ditters#

b. Vienna, Nov. 2, 1739, d. Vienna, Oct. 24, 1799. Violin virtuoso and composer; as a member of the orchestra of the Prince of Sachsen-Hildburghausen, D. had close relations with the Hofmusikkapelle (Viennese Court orchestra); was a friend of C. W. Gluck and G. Durazzo; from 1765 director of music for the Prince/Bishop of Grosswardein; important composer of the comic opera (in German and Italian) and the Viennese singspiel.


Comic operas and singspiels: Doctor und Apotheker, 1786; Die Liebe im Narrenhaus, 1786; Die Hochzeit des Figaro, 1789. - Oratorios: Esther, Isaac, Hiob. - Symphonies, masses, string quartets, sonatas - Lebensbeschreibung (autobiography), 1799 (reprinted on various occasions);


H. Unverricht (ed.), C. D. v. D. 1739-1799, exhibiton catalogue, Wuerzburg 1997; S.-C. Yeon, C. D. v. D.: Die Kammermusik fuer Streichinstrumente, 1999; NDB.