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Duššek Duschek, geborene Hambacher, Josepha#

Dušek (Duschek, nee Hambacher), Josepha, baptised in Prague (Czech Republic), March 6, 1754, d. Prague (Czech Republic), Jan. 8, 1824. Singer (soprano), pupil and wife of pianist and composer Franz X. D. (1731-1799); concert and oratorio singer admired above all by F. Schiller and L. Mozart for her expressive power and musicality. W. A. Mozart wrote the concert aria "Bella mia fiamma, addio" (KV 528) for her in 1787; D. was the first to sing Beethoven´s "Ah perfido" (probably also written for her) and was also the first to play Donna Anna in Mozart's "Don Giovanni" (1787).