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Emo, Emerich Josef Wojtech E. W#

b. Seebarn (Lower Austria), July 11, 1898, d. Vienna, Dec. 2, 1975, film director; began as a film extra, then worked in silent film (production manager, head editor and director), later in sound film. From 1931 made German, Spanish and Portuguese versions of European Paramount productions in studios in Paris; 1937 founded his own film production company (Emo-Film); after 1945 worked in Austria and Germany, made numerous films with H. Moser.

Directed (with H. Moser): Der Mann, von dem man spricht, 1937; Die 13 Stuehle, 1938; Anton der Letzte, 1939; Meine Tochter lebt in Wien, 1940; Schwarz auf Weiss, 1943; Vienna 1910, 1943; Ober, zahlen!, 1957.