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Frauenangelegenheiten, Bundesministerin für#

Women's Issues, Federal Ministry for; Johanna Dohnal (SPOe) was made Minister without Portfolio and given responsibility for women´s issues by decision of the Federal President according to article 77, §3 of the Federal Constitution in the new cabinet of 1990/91. This assignment of responsibilities was continued by successive governments. In 1993 this Minister also took on responsibility for matters in connection with the Commission for the Equal Treatment of Women, legal aspects concerning Equal Treatment and the inter-ministerial working group for Equal Treatment Issues. Helga Konrad (SPOe) was Minister for Women´s Issues from 1995-1997, followed by Barbara Prammer (SPOe) 1997-2000. Since 2000 women´s issues have been dealt with by the Federal Ministry for Social Security and Generations ( Ministry of Social Affairs).