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Frieberger, Kurt auch Karl Gustav Ger#

b. Vienna, April 4, 1883, d. Vienna, Nov. 19, 1970, law expert, author and translator; 1929-1938 press attache and cultural attache in Rome. Was prohibited from writing during the National Socialist era. In 1945 was entrusted with organising the Federal Ministry for the Protection of Property and Economic Planning and became president of the association of dramatic authors and composers. Was elected vice-president of the Austrian P. E. N. Centre; senior judge of the Federal Administrative Court from 1946-1953, and later Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Vienna. Among other things F. translated comedies of C. Goldoni and was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1963.


Poems: Barocke Monologe, 1907; Sieveringer Sonette, 1919; Barocke Balladen, 1919; Spiegel eines Lebens, 1960. - Novels: Danae, 1921; Die Scherben des Gluecks, 1928; Bahnbrecher, 1946; Kampf mit dem Jenseits, 1949; Montmartre triumphiert, 1950; Der Fischer Simon Petrus, 1953. - Dramas: Das Glueck der Vernuenftigen, 1907; Gloria, 1912; Die Braut und das scharlachrote Tier, 1924. - Dr. I. Seipel, 1923 (biography).


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