!!!Haschka, Lorenz Leopold

b. Vienna, Sept. 1, 1749, 
d. Vienna, Aug. 3, 1827, poet, a Jesuit until the order was dissolved 
in 1773, from 1780 a Freemason. In 1797 curator of Vienna University 
library, 1798-1822 teacher at the Theresianum (diplomatic academy) in 
Vienna. Under Joseph II wrote anti-clerical poems in the spirit 
of the Enlightenment and anti-clerical odes ("Das Moenchthum im 
Erntemond", 1783), from the 1790s wrote only patriotic and 
anti-revolutionary odes. In 1797 wrote the lyrics for the Austrian 
national anthem "God save Emperor Franz" (Gott erhalte Franz den 
Kaiser) composed by J. Haydn.

Die Ehre der dt. Tonkunst, bey der Rueckkunft des Ritters von 
Gluck aus Frankreich, 1775; Unsere Sprache, 1784; Die Koenige, 1787; 
Auf Denis Tod, 1800.

E. Topermann, L. L. H., doctoral thesis, Vienna, 
1907; L. Bodi, Tauwetter in Wien, %%sup 2/%1995; NDB.

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