!!!Hetzendorf von Hohenberg, Johann Ferdinand

b. Vienna, Feb. 7, 1733, 
d. Vienna, Dec. 14, 1816, leading architect during the late Baroque 
and Romantic eras, partly influenced by new, revolutionary elements of 
Classicism. 1775 court architect, worked in Schoenbrunn (Palace 
Theatre, 1766/67; Gloriette, 1775; Roman ruins, 1778) and in 
Laxenburg. Re-established the Gothic style of the Augustinian and 
Minoriten Churches in Vienna. Taught at the Vienna Academy.

Other Works: high altars of Heiligenkreuz-Gutenbrunn (1757) and 
Lichtental (Vienna, 1777); Palais Pallavicini-Fries (Vienna, 1783); 
drafts for theatre backdrops.

E. Hainisch, Der Architekt 
J. F. H. v. H., 1949.

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