July Revolt (July 15, 1927): The verdict in the  Schattendorf Trial 
triggered demonstration marches, following an article published in the 
social-democratic newspaper Arbeiterzeitung. Social-democratic 
labourers marched in protest from outer districts to Vienna´s 
inner city, and the Justizpalast (Palace of Justice) was set on fire. 
At the order of the chief of police, J.  Schober, the unrest was 
quelled by force. Four policemen were killed and about 600 wounded; 85 
of the demonstrators were killed and 300-500 wounded. A one-day 
general strike, followed by a transport strike, both with the 
objective of forcing the Seipel government to step down, proved 
ineffective. The July Revolt also led to the emergence of the  
Heimwehr movement.

Ausschreitungen in Wien am 15. und 16. Juli 1927, 
1927; Die Ereignisse des 15. Juli 1927; 1979; G. Botz, Gewalt in 
der Politik, %%sup 2/%1983.

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