Kapfenberg, Styria, town in the district of Bruck an der Mur, alt. 
502 m, pop. 23,380 (in 1981: pop. 25,716), area 
61.24 km%%sup 2/%, industrial centre in the Muerztal valley which 
draws many commuters. Kapfenberg has a hospital, town library, 
cultural centres, youth centres, local museum, district office of the 
Alpine rescue service. Social centre for families and couples (diocese 
of Graz-Seckau), day centre of the "Lebenshilfe" welfare institution, 
Fachhochschule*, Bundesgymnasium and Bundesrealgymnasium secondary 
schools, advanced technical school (HTL), agriculture and forestry 
school (Fachschule Hafendorf), vocational guidance centre, vocational 
training (BFI), Austrian training centre for guide dogs, sport 
facilities (Alpenstadium, ice stadium, etc.), airfield; some private 
power stations on the River Muerz. Work force: 10,560 (1991), around 
55 % in manufacturing; steel production, materials for high-tech 
products, e.g. aerospace and automobile manufacturing industries, 
energy and medical technology, successor companies to the Boehler 
Werke, including several subsidiaries of  Boehler-Uddeholm AG, 
aluminium technology, chain fabrication, coating technology, cable 
factory, broad range of small and medium sized enterprises; service 
sector: personal, social and public services. First documented mention 
as "Chaffenberch" in 1190, first facility built up around 1190 
(systematic extension from 1240), hammer mills since the 15%%sup th/%  
century, Boehler metal works from 1894. Town charter in 1924, badly 
damaged from 1943 to 1945; Late Gothic parish church (Baroque 
additions from 1752 to 1755), interior after 1770, gravestones from 
the 16%%sup th/% /17%%sup th/%  century); St. Martin church 
(14%%sup th/% /15%%sup th/%  century); Protestant church (1958-1961); 
church at Schirmitzbuehel (1956/1957) and Walfersam (1960-1962); 
palaces: Wieden (various building phases from the17%%sup th/%  to the 
20%%sup th/%  century) and Krottendorf (17%%sup th/%  century) with 
courtyard, Ober-Kapfenberg Castle; Boehler works housing estates; town 
hall (original building from the 16%%sup th/% -17%%sup th/%  century). 
Close to Kapfenberg is the Rettenwandhoehle stalactite cave.

F. Moerth, Kapfenberg im Wandel der Zeiten, 1949; R. 
Puschnig, Kapfenberg Alter Markt - junge Stadt, 1974; 
Oesterreichisches Staedtebuch, vol. VI, part 3, Die Staedte 
der Steiermark, 1990.

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