!!!Regnum Noricum

Regnum Noricum, the first proven political entity on the territory of 
today´s Austria; named after the  Norici Tribe. From 170 B.C. 
King Cincibilus entertained friendly relations with the Romans based 
on a "hospitium publicum" (national hospitality). As a 
result trade relations became more intensive and Rome´s 
influence in the region increased. Centre of the Regnum Noricum 
was probably the settlement on the  Magdalensberg Mountain, where an 
early-Roman inscription has been found that lists the names of Noric 
tribes. In the 2%%sup nd/%  century B.C. fortified provincial towns 
(oppida;  Celts) were established and coins were minted after the 
example of the Greeks. In the 1%%sup st/%  century B.C. the 
Regnum Noricum extended far into the east and the north ( 
Voccio). Around 15 B.C. the Romans peacefully invaded the area of the 
Regnum Noricum up to the River Danube ( Noricum,  Roman Era). Economic 
activities were based on iron ( Noric Iron), mining, industrial 
activities, agricultural products and trade.

G. Dobesch, Die Kelten in Oesterreich nach den aeltesten 
Berichten der Antike, 1980; G. Winkler, Noricum und Rom, 1977.

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