!!!Schenk, Erich

Schenk, Erich, b Salzburg, May 5, 1902, 
d. Vienna, Oct. 11, 1974, musicologist, professor at the Universities 
of Rostock and Vienna (1940-1971, 1957/1958 rector). From 1939 head of 
the publications and from 1964 president of the  "Denkmaeler der 
Tonkunst in Oesterreich" ("Monuments of Sound in Austria"), from 1947 
chairman of the commission on music research at the Austrian Academy 
of Sciences. Honorary doctorates from the Universities of Brno and 
Rostock, numerous awards.

G. A. Paganelli, 1928; J. Strauss, 1940; 950 Jahre Musik in 
Oe., 1946; Kleine Wiener Musikgeschichte, 1947; W. A. Mozart, 1955.

De ratione musica, Festschrift fuer E. S., 1975 (with 

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