!!!Schneider, Anton

b. Weiler (then Vorarlberg), Oct. 13, 1777, 
d. Fideris (Switzerland), July 16, 1820, freedom-fighter, lawyer. 
Defended Feldkirch in 1799 in the Napoleonic Wars, was elected 
provincial commissioner during the Vorarlberg uprisings against 
Bavarian rule in 1809, confirmed by the Austrian government, was also 
made supreme commander of the province of Vorarlberg; directed the 
rebel troops of Vorarlberg in various encounters with troops from 
Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and France. Capitulated after the Austrian 
defeat in the battle of  Wagram and was taken prisoner. Later set 
free, then arrested as a collaborator of J. von  Hormayr's  
Alpenbund). After his release, worked in Vienna.

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