!!!Silberer, Viktor

b. Vienna, Oct. 23, 1846, 
d. Vienna, April 11, 1924, aviation pioneer. As a war correspondent 
during the Franco-Prussian war he witnessed the French attempts at 
sortieing during the siege of Paris in 1870/71 and realised the 
importance of ballooning for both science and technology and as a 
sport. In 1888 he organised a big aviation exhibition. As a civilian 
S. taught imperial officers to fly balloons. In 1910 the Vienna 
Aero-Club became the Austrian  Aero-Club, whose president he was until 
1911. As member of the Vienna City Council he later also supported 
powered aviation. His son, psychoanalyst Herbert S., broke 
long-distance and altitude records in ballooning.

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