!!!Watzek, Hans

Watzek, Hans, b. Bilina, Czech Republic (then Bilin), Dec. 20, 
1848, d. Vienna, May 12, 1903. Photographer and graphic artist. 
In 1866/67 at the Academy of Arts in Leipzig and Munich, then art 
teacher at secondary schools. From 1890 specialised in photography 
(experimented with the pinhole camera, portraits, landscapes and 
still-lifes) as well as multicoloured flexographies. Together with H.  
Henneberg and H.  Kuehn formed the "Trifolium".

Zur Technik der kuenstlerischen Photographie, in: Wr. 
photographische Blaetter, 1894.

I. M. Kimeswenger, Der Kunstphotograf H. W., 
1848-1903, master´s thesis, Vienna 1994.

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