!!!Wittgenstein, Karl

b. Gohlie near Leipzig (Germany), April 8, 1847, 
d. Vienna, Jan. 20, 1913, entrepreneur ; father of Ludwig  
Wittgenstein and Paul  Wittgenstein; lived in the USA from 1865-1866; 
started working at the rolling mill at Teplice (Teplitz) in 1872; 
director of this mill from 1877; bought the shares of the Bohemian 
Mining Company in 1884; director of the Prague Ironworks from 
1885-1898; bought the St. Egydy Iron and Steel Works in 1887. In 1890 
merged the Upper Styrian scythe industry with the United Scythe Works 
at Judenburg. W. reached the height of his power when he acquired a 
majority interest in the  Oesterreichisch-Alpine-Montangesellschaft 
(Austrian Alpine Mining Company) in 1897, where he enforced 
uncompromising rationalisation and concentration measures. Retired 
from business after the turn of the century.

J. K. Bramann, K. W. - ein Amerikaner in Wien, in: 
Zeitgeschichte 2, 1974.

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