!!!Zülow, Franz von

b. Vienna, March 15, 1883, 
d. Vienna, Feb. 27, 1963, painter, graphic artist; invented a new 
paper stencil screen printing technique. From 1908 produced 
illustrations and sketches for the "Wiener Werkstaette" (Vienna Crafts 
Studio). In the years 1920/21 taught at the Schleiss training studio 
of ceramic art at Gmunden (Upper Austria); from 1949 teacher at the 
arts and crafts school in Linz; from 1955 president of the artists' 
guild of the Upper Austrian "Muehlviertel" region. Created designs for 
porcelain, cloth and furniture and from 1925 made oil paintings 
(landscapes, still lifes, figures) and frescoes. After 1945 received 
numerous public commissions for mural paintings and mosaics.

P. Baum, F. v. Z., 1980.

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