!!!Zdarsky, Mathias

b. Kožichovice, Czech Republic (then Kozichowitz near Trebíc), Feb. 25, 1856, 
d. St. Poelten (Lower Austria), June 20, 1940, skiing pioneer. 
Developed the fundamentals of modern skiing technique; teacher, 
painter and sculptor. After many experiments Z. designed the 
"Lilienfeld binding" which enabled skiers to do downhill and slalom 
races. He developed the  Lilienfeld Skiing Technique with the stem 
turn and organized the first slalom in the history of skiing on 
March 9, 1905, at the Muckenkogel near Lilienfeld (24 
competitors). His book "Die Lilienfelder Skilauf-Technik" (1897) was 
published in 17 editions until 1925 and made his technique known to a 
broad public and further increased the popularity of skiing.

W. Gottfried, M. Z., Der Mann und sein Werk, 1987; 
H. Tiwald, Von Pflugbogen, Schlangenschwung und 
"Schuss-Bums-Technik", 1996.

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