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Your Spec:#

1. We have a list of organizations whose websites we would like to link to our website
2. We would like to upload the attached open access article and be able to use it in a chat room to explain how students can use our innovative methodology (see paper attached)
3. In our library section we would like to upload about 6 books. We would like that the books be accessible by password and with no rights to download them.
4. We would like to track students while they prepare a portfolio (over the duration of the course). We would like to evaluate the portfolio by tracking the kinds of changes are made in response to comments offered by the tutor. Portfolio will not exceed 30 pages.
5. We would like to archive final portfolio as a reports page of the website by using a simple classification scheme (to be discussed and decided mutually).

Approach1: We run the whole project on TU Graz NID server#

1. We can dedicate a category section. The URL may look like https://nid.iicm.tugraz.at/Home/Collections/12
2. Easy, discussions and annotations on any page possible, can be made available to general public or just a group of students.
3. No problem
4. Portfolio situation
Situation A: If changes and comments are not too long: Add initial portfolio as booklet, allowing discussion and annotations by student and tutor, etc. Eventually, the approved version is uploaded as a final product. Suggest to add final portfolio as new book.
Situation B: Portfolio is written as Word File and uploaded as contribution v1. Comments added by tutor/teacher (text and links only). Now version 2 of portfolio is uploaded by student as contribution v2, etc. Finally, the last version is stored as booklet.

Approach 2: We run the whole project on a server (PC) connected permanently to internet but run by you. #

We do free remote installation for you. Then TU Graz does not show up in link and like this you get better familiar with NID that way, later extensions are easier.