!!!Zimbabwe: Communication
||Telephones - fixed lines|''total subscriptions'': 333,702 \\ ''subscriptions per 100 inhabitants'': 2 (July 2015 est.) \\ 
||Telephones - mobile cellular|''total'': 12.757 million \\ ''subscriptions per 100 inhabitants'': 90 (July 2015 est.) \\ 
||Telephone system|''general assessment'': privatization and competition have driven rapid expansion of telecommunications, particularly cellular voice and mobile broadband, in recent years; continued economic instability and infrastructure limitations, such as reliable power, hinder progress \\ ''domestic'': consists of microwave radio relay links, open-wire lines, radiotelephone communication stations, fixed wireless local loop installations, fiber-optic cable, VSAT terminals, and a substantial mobile-cellular network; Internet connection is most readily ava \\ ''international'': country code - 263; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat; 5 international digital gateway exchanges; fiber-optic connections to neighboring states provide access to international networks via undersea cable (2015) \\ 
||Broadcast media|government owns all local radio and TV stations; foreign shortwave broadcasts and satellite TV are available to those who can afford antennas and receivers; in rural areas, access to TV broadcasts is extremely limited (2007)
||Internet country code|.zw
||Internet users|''total'': 2.328 million \\ ''percent of population'': 16.4% (July 2015 est.) \\