[{Image src='Paro Dzong.jpg' caption='Paro-Dzong, 2012\\Photo: L. Lechner' alt='Paro-Dzong' width='900' class='image_left' height='675'}]

\\Paro-Dzong [{GoogleMap location='Paro Rinpung Dzong, Paro, Bhutan' zoom='9'}], or Rinpung-Dzong, is a Buddhist monastery and fortress and nowadays is the administrative centre of the district of Paro. It was founded by Gyelchok a descendent of Phajo Drugom Shigpo (founder of the first Drukpa monasteries in Phajoding and Tango). In 1646 the new and enlarged Dzong (Bhutanese fortress) was dedicated. A fire in 1907 destroyed the fortress, but it was rebuilt after old plans.   

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