!!!Turkey: Communication
||Telephones - fixed lines|''total subscriptions'': 11,493,057 \\ ''subscriptions per 100 inhabitants'': 14 (July 2015 est.) \\ 
||Telephones - mobile cellular|''total'': 73.639 million \\ ''subscriptions per 100 inhabitants'': 93 (July 2015 est.) \\ 
||Telephone system|''general assessment'': comprehensive telecommunications network undergoing rapid modernization and expansion, especially in mobile-cellular services \\ ''domestic'': additional digital exchanges are permitting a rapid increase in subscribers; the construction of a network of technologically advanced intercity trunk lines, using both fiber-optic cable and digital microwave radio relay, is facilitating communication bet \\ ''international'': country code - 90; international service is provided by the SEA-ME-WE-3 submarine cable and by submarine fiber-optic cables in the Mediterranean and Black Seas that link Turkey with Italy, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia; satellite earth sta (2015) \\ 
||Broadcast media|Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) operates multiple TV and radio networks and stations; multiple privately owned national television stations and up to 300 private regional and local television stations; multi-channel cable TV subscriptions a (2009)
||Internet country code|.tr
||Internet users|''total'': 42.681 million \\ ''percent of population'': 53.7% (July 2015 est.) \\