!!!Hedychium coronarium- White Ginger Lily

[{Image src='A1_(190)_Hedychium_coronarium-_White_Ginger_Lily.jpg' caption='Hedychium coronarium- White Ginger Lily, 1997, © [Markus Duschek|Infos_zum_AF/Editorial_Board/Duschek,_Markus_(Diplomierter_radiologisch-technischer_Assistent_)]' alt='Hedychium coronarium- White Ginger Lily' class='image_left' width='613' height='900'}]\\

This and all the following pictures are from the botanical garden of Orotava [{GoogleMap location='28.3929251,-16.5162585'  zoom='13'}]. 

The white ginger lily is a perennial flowering plant originally from the Himalayas region of Nepal and India. 

It was introduced in Brazil in the era of slavery, brought to the country by African slaves who used its leaves as mattresses, and is now so common that it is considered an invasive weed.

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