!!!Glacier Express tilted glass - a glass for steep mountains
by Elisabeth Ertl

[{Image src='Glacier Express Glas.jpg' caption='Tilted glass\\© Elisabeth Ertl' alt='Tilted glass' width='400' class='image_left' height='296'}]

While driving along in the Glacier Express, a scenic train through the Swiss Alps, you can order drinks. If you are feeling especially rich, you can even order a glass of wine. The big surprise comes when you receive your glass: It is not a normal glass! It is tilted! Then you may start to wonder why on earth is the glass tilted ...

[{Image src='Glacier Express Glas 2.jpg' caption='Tilted glass\\© Elisabeth Ertl' alt='Tilted glass' width='300' class='image_right' height='283'}]

The legendary Glacier Express glass is tilted because it does not spill a single drop of the precious liquid (and if you know prices in Switzerland, especially the ones in tourist areas, you will agree that every drop of every drink is precious indeed) in this form. If you watch the drink inside the glass carefully, you will realize that it sometimes tilts to one side or another. The reason for this is quite simple, as the train starts to climb, goes down or passes a helical tunnel, the liquid moves. But always be careful when watching the glass, you may miss the spectacular landscape outside the window, probably the real reason why you take the trip.    

Enthusiasts can buy the mouth-blown tilted glass with its engravings on board the train, on the internet or in some stations along the way. It is not quite cheap, but the cult glass is unique.  

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