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How to add URLs pointing to pictures and clips that you do not have to own, since you are only pointing to them#

You select on Geography/Index a country. In the right lower corner you can see an entry "Community Contributions". If you click at it you get a form as shown below, possibly still empty as shown.

The form above may be still empty --- just add some URLs

With very little effort you can now add valuable information.

You can e.g. just paste a URL of a picture and a title to indicate what it shows in the first field, and click at Submit.

(And you can repeat this).

Or you can do the same with the URL of a clip.

Since you are just adding URLs you are making valuable information available for the next users (who can extend what you have done without worry about copyrights!).

All clear?

Anyone interested in helping by e.g. sending us corrections, additions, further possible databases, sample pictures for a country, and maybe most important some specific stories on some country or site, please contact office@global-geography.org.

Clearly we would be happy if you become member of our GGC, so that you and your contributions are made internationally visible and, yes, increase the visibility and reliability of our database.

Go ahead an add information to some country!

Have a look at e.g. Geography/Asia/Nepal/Community_Contributions where someone has already added valualbe information, like the trip to the top of Mt. Everest!#