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Click at any of the pictures above or further down! The following list and links will also give a good first idea. More specifically:

# Information on __[countries and territories|Geography/Index]__ (including pictures with good legends and information on cultural issues)
# Consider __[pointers to some highlights|Geography/Highlights]__ before spending more time following all of the links below
# __[Interactively visualize|Geography/Visualizations]__ some aspects 
# __[Countries with pictures and 360° interactive panoramas|Geography/Pictures_and_Panoramas]__ 
# __[Stories|Geography/About/Main_Ideas/Current_List_of_Stories]__ for  countries, often with many unique pictures
# __[360° interactive Videos|Geography/Stories/Videos]__ 
# __[Contributions concerning more than one country|Geography/Cross-country_information]__
# Find out __[how one can easily support the server |Geography/Reasons_for_help] __and why and who should use it
# Information about the __[data sources used|Geography/Sources_for_Geography_and_GeoLab_GeoVis]__
# __[Recent Contributions|Geography/Recent_Contributions]__

> [Real size of countries|https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-the-true-size-of-land-masses-from-largest-to-smallest]

!!What you should know about this project
Global-Geography (GG) is a project with many international partners (individuals or institutions) as shown in the __[Global-Geography Consortium|Geography/About/Consortium]__, GGC for short. Each person shown is either just participating as person or is representing some group or institution. It is part of the [Austria-Forum|Infos_zum_AF/Short_English_Presentation].

Information can be viewed without registration, and anyone can contribute by sending information, comments or corrections by mail to [office@global-geography.org|mailto:office@global-geography.org]. Please help us check the accuracy of information or contribute otherwise as is explained in detail under item (6) above. Note in passing that each country has a category "Community contribution" where everyone can e.g. add the URL of a picture or video-clip of interest. The main difference of this geography server compared to others is that it not only provides numerical and cartographical information and allows to use the information interactively, but also offers information on cultural issues/cultural heritage and provides pictures (with extensive legends) and stories typical for the country involved. 

> This is explained in more detail in __[the main ideas behind this project|Geography/About/Main_Ideas]__.

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