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!!!Sensen, Christoph W.

~* 20. 4. 1960, Oberhausen (Deutschland)

__Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Biol. Dr.rer.nat. Christoph Willhelm Sensen__


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Date of Birth: 20.04.1960 (Oberhausen, Rhld)

Citizenship: German, Permanent Resident of Hungary

Married to Dr. Maria Sensen (Hungarian Citizen) 

!School Education:
*	1966-1970 Postwegschule (Oberhausen-Sterkrade) ~[primary~]
*	1970-1979 Freiherr vom Stein Gymnasium (Oberhausen-Sterkrade) ~[secondary~]

!Military Service:

*	1979-1980 Soldat auf Zeit W15 (Stade und Hamburg Fischbek)

!University Education:

*	04.1981 - 09.1983 Biology (Grundstudium) at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität (Mainz)
*	19.05.1983 Vordiplom (Biology) ~[Bachelor equivalent~]
*	10.1983 - 07.1988 Biologie (Hauptstudium) at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität (Düsseldorf)
*	14.07.1988 Diplom (Biology) ~[Masters equivalent~]. Title of Thesis: Molekulare Charakterisierung der plastidären DNA von Coscinodiscus granii. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. K. V. Kowallik.
*	10.1988 - 10.1992 PhD thesis work at the Universität zu Köln. Advisor: Prof. Dr. M. Melkonian.
*	since 04.1989 Stipendiat der Konrad- Adenauer- Stiftung e.V (currently Altstipendiat).
*	03.02.1994 Promotion (Dr. rer. nat.) ~[PhD equivalent. Title of thesis: Untersuchungen zur molekularen Phylogenie von Spermatozopsis similis Preisig et Melkonian, 1984 (Chlorophyceae). First Referee: Prof. Dr. M. Melkonian. Second Referee: Prof. Dr. J. Willenbrink.

!Positions Held:

*	10.1992 - 11.1993 Visitor at the European Molecularbiological Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg
*	01.1994 - 12.1995 Assistant Research Officer at the Institute for Marine Biosciences in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (National Research Council of Canada)
*	01.1996 - 12.1998 Associate Research Officer at the Institute for Marine Biosciences (National Research Council of Canada)
*	01.1997 - 01.2001 Project Manager: Canadian Bioinformatics Resource (CBR-RBC)
	05.1997 - 01.2001 continuing Research Officer at IMB/NRC
*	01.1999 - 01.2001 Senior Research Officer (SRO) at the Institute for Marine Biosciences (National Research Council of Canada)
*	16.07.1999 - 01.2001 Senior Research Officer (SRO) 50% and Manager (MG2) 50% at the Institute for Marine Biosciences (National Research Council of Canada)
*	02.2001 - 08.2014 tenured Full Professor at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
*	01.2005 – 12.2010 iCORE/Sun Microsystems Research Chair on Applied Bioinformatics
*	08.2005 – 01.2009 Centre Director: Centre for Advanced Technologies and University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine (16 high-throughput Core Facilities, including DNA Sequencing, Gene Chip Facility, Mass Spectrometry, Advanced Imaging Facilities and Animal Resources)
*	since 10.2013 Chief Scientific Officer, CNA Diagnostics Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
*	since 09.2014 Professor for Computational Biotechnology (Universitätsprofessor), Graz University of Technology, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, AG Computational Biotechnology
*	since 07.2014 Head of Institute, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Graz University of Technology

!Institute Membership:

*	07.2009 – 08.2014 Institute of Child and Maternal Health, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

!Honors and Honorary Positions:

*	06.1995 - 06.2002 CIAR associate (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) Evolutionary Biology Program
*	since 07.1997 Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
*	1998 NRC Corporate Outstanding Achievement Award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Canadian Bioinformatics Resource Team
*	since 06.2002 Fellow der International Faculty, International Graduate School in Bioinformatics and Genome Research, Universität Bielefeld
*	Computerworld Honors Award 2003
*	07.2003 – 06.2014 Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science
*	The Duke's Choice Award for Coolest Java Applications and Products, awarded at the JavaOne 2003 Conference: Coolest Java 3D Application: University of Calgary's Visualization CAVE
*	Since 09.2014 Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

!Membership at Scientific Advisory Boards and Program Committees:

*	1996 - 2005 CBR User Committee
*	09.1998 - 08.2001 Manager EMBnet Canada
*	09.2000 - 08.2001 EMBnet TM/PC (Technical Manager Program Committee)
*	2001 - 2003 Sun Microsystems Informatics Advisory Council
*	2002 - 2006 CIHR Priority and Planning Committee Bioinformatics
*	since 2002 Kompetenznetzwerk Genomforschung an Bakterien für den Umweltschutz, die Landwirtschaft und die Biotechnologie: Scientific Advisory Board (Chair)
*	2004 - 2006 Enhancing Canola through Genomics (Genome Canada project): Scientific and Management Advisory Committee (SMAC)
*	since 2005: Systems Biology of Microorganisms - SysMO: Scientific Advisory Board (Chair) (Project Partners: Germany, England, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Austria)
*	since 2007 NPC/NBIC Bioinformatics Initiative (Utrecht, The Netherlands): International Scientific Advisory Board

!Membership on Conference Organizing Comittees:

*	Argonne National Laboratory, International workshop on Computational Strategies for Whole Genome Analysis (in collaboration with Terry Gaasterland).1996
*	ISMB'96 in St. Louis, U.S.A.
*	ISMB'98 in Montreal, Canada
*	HGM 2000 in Vancouver, Canada
*	Biotechnology 2000 in Berlin, Germany
*	Canadian Biodiversity Network Conference 2001 in Ottawa, Canada
*	Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular & Cellular Biology 2001, 44th Annual Meeting in Alliston, Ontario
*	ISMB'02 in Edmonton, Canada
*	First Canadian Plant Genomics Conference 2003 in Saskatoon, Canada
*	1st European Conference on Prokaryotic Genomes 2003 in Göttingen, Germany
*	Integrative Bioinformatics - Aspects of the Virtual Cell 2004, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany
*	Advanced Digital Technology in Head and Neck Reconstruction 2005, Banff, Canada
*	Prokagen: 2nd European Conference on Prokaryotic Genomes 2005 in Göttingen, Germany
*	The Future of Genome Research in the light of Ultrafast Sequencing Technologies 2007 in Bielefeld, Germany
*	Prokagen: 3rd European Conference on Prokaryotic Genomes 2007 in Göttingen, Germany
*	ISMB'07/ECCB'07 Program Committee
*	3rd International Congress of Advanced and Digital Technology in Head and Neck Reconstruction 2008 in Cardiff, UK (Vice Chair Scientific Advisory Committee)
*	DECHEMA Status Workshop "Microbial Genome Research in the Age of Ultrafast Sequencing Technologies" in Frankfurt, Germany (2008) Scientific Program Committee
*	5th International Symposion on Integrative Bioinformatics in Wittenberg, Germany (2008)
*	Prokagen: 4th European Conference on Prokaryotic Genomes 2009 in Göttingen, Germany
*	6th International Meeting on Integrative Bioinformatics in Cambridge, UK (2010)
*	5th CeBiTec Symposium: New Frontiers in Microbial Genome Research in Bielefeld, Germany (2010)
*	Integrative Bioinformatics 2011 in Wageningen, The Netherlands, Scientific Committee Member
*	International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics 2013 in Gatersleben, Germany, Scientific Committee
*	Integrative Bioinformatics 2014 in Newcastle, UK: Scientific Committee

!Select Examples of Review Panel Memberships:

*	NSERC Canada: Strategic Panel A (Biosciences): Chair for two of the three year membership  (completed)
*	DFG Exellenzinitiative first call for proposals (completed)
*	EU Sixth Framework (completed)
*	BMBF Bioinformatik: Vorsitzender (completed)
*	BMBF GenoMik (Genomforschung an Mikroorganismen): Vorsitzender (completed)
*	BMBF Proteomforschung (completed)
*	BMBF QuantPro (completed)
*	BMBF NGFN2 (competed)
*	BMBF GenoMik Plus (Genomforschung an Mikroorganismen): Chair (completed)
*	BMBF GenoMik Industrie (Industriekomponente der Genomforschung an Mikroorganismen): Chair (completed)
*	SysMO (European Inititative Systems Biology of Microorganisms): Chair (completed)
*	EU Seventh Framework, 2011
*	Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science: External Reviewer, 2011
*	Qatar National Research Fund: External Reviewer 2010, 2012, 2013
*	Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science: Group Leader External Reviews 2012, Reviewer 2013
*	The Polish-Norwegian Research Programme – NCBR: Reviewer 2013
*	DFG Operating Grants 2013
*	BMBF de.NBI Bioinformatics initiative: Chair (2013, ongoing)
*	UEFISCDI Romania: EEA Grants 2014
*	OTKA BIOIN Panel 2016 (ongoing)

Stand: 2016

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