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K-Projekte, die in der 5. Ausschreibung genehmigt wurden#

ADDA : Advancement of Dairying in Austria : Niederösterreich, Wien

AEDA : Advanced Engineering Design Automation : Vorarlberg

Amoree : Aluminium and magnesium processing optimization with special respect to resource and energy efficiency : Oberösterreich

DEXHELPP : Decison Support for Health Policy and Planning: Methods, Models and Technologies based on existing health care data : Wien

ECO-PowerDrive-2 : Emission & Fuel Consumption Reduction of Small Propulsion Systems under Real World Conditions : Steiermark, Oberösterreich

HOPL : Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics : Oberösterreich

imPACts : Industrial Methods for Process Analytical Chemistry – From Measurement Technologies to Information Systems Research : Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich

JOIN : Network of Excellence for Metal JOINing : Steiermark, Oberösterreich, Tirol

LiTech : Easy to use professional business and system control applications : Vorarlberg

VASCage : Research Center of Excellence in Vascular Ageing – Tyrol : Tirol, Wien

ZPT+ : K-Projekt für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Tomografie Plus : : Oberösterreich, Steiermark

K Projekte, die in der 4. Ausschreibung genehmigt wurden#

AAHM-R2P : Alpine Airborne Hydromapping - Research to Practice : Tirol

ASD : Acoustic Sensing & Design : Steiermark, Wien

ECO-COOL : Development of the first fully integrated and controlled cooling cycle for the usage in household cooling appliance : Steiermark, Tirol, Kärnten

FLIPPR : Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research : Steiermark, Kärnten

focus_sts : focus_solid_timber_solutions: Steiermark, Tirol, Kärnten, Niederösterreich

GSG : Green Storage Grid : Wien, Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich

OptiBioMat : Development and optimization of biocompatible metallic materials : Niederösterreich

PolyComp : Functional Polymer Composites : Steiermark

SeCoS : Secure Contactless Sphere - Smart RFID-Technologies for a Connected World : Steiermark

Vision+ : Integrating visual information with independent knowledge : Steiermark, Wien