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K1- Zentren#

ACMIT : Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology, NÖ

alpS : Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies, T

Bioenergy 2020+ STMK

CBMed : Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine, STMK

CEST : Centre of Excellence in Electrochemical Surface Technology and Materials, NÖ

ASSIC : Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center, K (Fortsetzung CTR)

evolaris : evolaris next level,(Phasing Out), STMK

FTW : Competence Center for Information and Communication Technologies, W (Phasing Out)

K1-MET : Competence Center for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development, OÖ

KNOW : Know-Center Graz – Kompetenzzentrum für wissensbasierte Anwendungen und Systeme GmbH, STMK

LEC EvoLET : LEC Evolutionary Large Engines Technology for the Next Generation of Gas and Dual Fuel Engines, STMK

ONCOTYROL : Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine, T (Phasing Out)

PCCL-K1 : Competence Center in Polymer Engineering and Science, STMK

RCPE : Competence Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering, STMK

SBA 2 : Secure Business Austria 2, W

SCCH : Software Competence Center Hagenberg, OÖ

Wood : Kompetenzzentrum für Holzverbundwerkstoffe und Holzchemie, OÖ

VRVis-Center : Visualization, Rendering and Visual Analysis Research Center, W