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Romantic Period - Early 19th Century#

Adolf Mueller: Wann uns einer g'fallt from The Talisman#

Der Talisman
Der Talisman (Text: Johann Nestroy), which was first performed at the Theater an der Wien
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Adolf Mueller (1801 Tolna/Hungary - 1886 Vienna) moved to Vienna in 1823, where he got his first job as a singer at the Kaerntnertortheater (Theater at the Kaerntnertor). After some success as a composer, he was hired there as a conductor. He moved on to the Theater an der Wien und the Leopoldstaedter-Theater as a conductor and composer in residence. Adolf Mueller was an unusually prolific composer: ca 640 Operas, Singspiele, Comedies with song and other pieces for the stage have survived. His works were performed in Vienna's theaters and dominated the programs for many years to come.

Sound Clip#

Der Talisman, first performed 1840 at the Theater an der Wien
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