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!!Erich Wolfgang Korngold: ''String Sextet''

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The Oscar-winner, Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897 Bruenn/Moravia - 1957
Los Angeles), was capable of producing more than the typical
Hollywood-sound. In a European survey taken in 1923, he ranked as the
most important composer after [Schoenberg|Wissenssammlungen/Musik-Lexikon/Arnold_Schönberg_Die_glückliche_Hand/Arnold_Schönberg_Die_glückliche_Hand_english].
He crossed the border between filmmusic and serious music by exchanging
materials, and employing tried and true methods of each as a part of
his musical vocabulary. The example from the beginning of his
''Streichsextett'' (String Sextet) of 1917, displays his mastery of the
complex techniques of chamber music. Innovation was not only achieved
by abandoning traditional procedures, it could also be the result of a
new evaluation of musical materials and freer use of the harmonic
means. (M. Saary)

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