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Hanns Eisler: Komm ins Offene, Freund#

Hanns Eisler
Hanns Eisler

Freundlich zu singen (sing in a friendly way) is the direction that Hanns Eisler (1898 Leipzig -1962 Berlin Ost) gives to his Ernsten Gesaengen (Serious Songs) (1962), a review of his rich experiences in life expressed with many nuances similar to his film music. Eislers compositional attachment to Schoenberg is expressed within the cycle with a twelve-tone field; he tries to make the songs melodious and generally understandable even for the uneducated listener, which is the result of his political beliefs. The song, Komm ins Offene, Freund (Come outside, my friend) (Example, beginning of the song) by Hoelderlin from the 7 Serious Songs, is typical of Eisler's melodic construction and his transparent, economical harmonies. These are the stylistic elements he liked to use in his later years (Illustration) as recent intimations of a clear construction. (M. Saary)

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Hanns Eisler: Komm ins Offene, Freund
(Come outside, my friend)
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