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Viennese Classic - Early Period #

Johann Michael Steinbacher: Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings in a minor#

Harpsichord made by the Viennese master Johann Leydecker

The Konzert fuer Cembalo und Streicher in a-Moll by Johann Michael Steinbacher (ca 1700 - after1741), the organist of the Graz city-parish probably only survived the Second World War undamaged by virtue of its curious hiding-place. It was found together with other compositions in an un-used Baroque heating oven. What makes this otherwise unknown composer so unusual is that he apparently was the first to transfer the Model of the Italian violin concerto such as Vivaldi's to the harpsichord. Steinbacher can therefore take a place next to Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed harpsichord concerti at about the same time in Germany. (E. Stadler)

The picture shows a harpsichord made by the Viennese master Johann Leydecker around 1750.

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