!!Leopold I ''Regina coeli''

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Emperor Leopold I  (1640 - Wien -
1705) ruled from 1658 to 1705, although he was originally supposed to
follow a career in the church as a younger son. As a part of his
preparation for that career he received a thoroughly humanistic
education which was probably important in developing his love of music.
He was not only a good musician but also a good composer, who obviously
had proper instruction in this field. He composed the ''Regina coeli''
(cf. Joseph I.) in May 1655, leaving the task of writing the accompanying
voices to Antonio Bertali. Such a method was common not only for the
Emperor but for other contemporary composers too. Leopold's love of
music went so far that he ordered his court chapel to perform his
favorite works in the room next to where he lay dying. (E. Stadler)

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