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Ivana Putanovic (Belgrade/Serbia)#

Make one Step Further into Enlightment - What is Enlightment, what Influence Enlightment and how to Bring it Back Over and Over Again?#

Enlightenment as one period in history had a significant influence on educational and social reform. In nowdays, enlightment as a term is not very often used in teaching -learning process . The question is how we can speak about enlightment when we discuss about it. How much enlightment is present in teaching-learning process,we can see through giving a chance to students to express their own understanding. Considering changes such as globalization and influence of new technology and media, there are different potentials for bringing back enlightment.

In every aspect of life we are facing with influence of new technologies and media, the question is how all these social-constructive tools could be used in process of enlightment. Are we learning students the right skills at schools to cope with fast moving and changing world. How new technology influence process of communication and dialogue? Students can learn about process of communication using technology, but they also have to think and to analyze this processe to improve their communication competences.Differences between dialogue and process of communication is easy to understand if we analyze these two processes through using social media or technology. Could technology enhance dialogue or its role is only to make it easy process of communication?

Using social media and technology provides special conditions for communication, meeting different perspective and points o view and possibility for expressing your own way of thinking. Is it enough that we can speak about enlightment?

Enlightment in teaching-learning process depend on the organization of teaching-learning process and what is expected from students. What kind of knowledge will teach student to think and to be good citizens? Considering type of knowledge in teaching-learning process we can assume if enlightment would appear and what we can get from it. Building community of inquiry enlightment is incorporated in process of communication and developing dialogue.