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OeAMTC, Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club, Austrian name Oesterreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touringclub, independent, international association with 1.2 million members (1997). Founded in 1946 by merging of the "Austrian Touring Club" (established in 1896) and the "Austrian Automobile Club" (established in 1898). The association offers assistance in issues pertaining to automotive mobility and consumer protection and functions as an interest group for car drivers and motorcyclists. Services include emergency road service and the annual safety test-procedure required by Austrian law for all motor vehicles. The OeAMTC operates approximately 500 emergency vehicles at 112 centres (approximately 1.8 million emergency road service operations and tests per year) and provides technical consultation, legal consultation and legal aid (approximately 160,000 cases per year) as well as consultation in insurance and travel services. The OeAMTC operates 6 emergency helicopters (more than 5,000 rescue operations per year) and centres for traffic safety and driver education in Teesdorf (Lower Austria), Saalfelden (province of Salzburg) and at the A1-Ring race track (Styria); the OeAMTC Akademie (OeAMTC Academy) functions as a scientific association for research into mobility and environmental issues. The OeAMTC regulates motor sports in Austria through the Oberste Sportkommission (OSK), the National Sporting Authority, Motor Sports; the OeAMTC´s publication "auto touring" is Austria´s most widely read monthly magazine, with 2 million readers.


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