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ÖKOMBI, Österreichische Gesellschaft für den kombinierten Verkehr Ges. m. b. H. & Co. KG#

OeKOMBI, Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer den kombinierten Verkehr Ges. m. b. H. & Co. KG, limited liability company & limited partnership established in 1983. Shareholders include the Austrian Federal Railways, Zentralverband der Spediteure (Central Association of Haulage Contractors), Kombiverband Strassengueterverkehr (Association of Road Freight Transportion), Vereinigung oesterreichischer Verlader und Werkverkehrtreibender (Association of Shippers and Freight Forwarders) as well as over 370 Austrian haulage firms as limited partners. Its task is the organisation of the Transportation of Cargo, Combined aiming to reduce costs by general consignments and rational use of transportation means. The OeKOMBI also co-operates with numerous foreign combined-traffic companies. In 1998 the OeKOMBI´s volume total of goods amounted to 13,353.446 t (9,362.505 t in 1993), the equivalent of 482,332 transportations.