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Österreichisch-Bayerische Kraftwerke AG, ÖBK#

Oesterreichisch-Bayerische Kraftwerke AG, OeBK, bi-national company founded in 1950 on the basis of a intergovernmental agreement between Austria and Bavaria, with the aim of promoting the use of hydroelectric power of rivers in the Austrian-Bavarian border region. The electric energy is distributed among the shareholders: Oesterreichische Elektrizitaetswirtschafts-AG ( Verbundgesellschaft) 50 %, Bayernwerk Wasserkraft AG 50 %. In accordance with the management agreement, the company Grenzkraftwerke GmbH has been operating the following hydroelectric plants for OeBK since July 1, 1999: Braunau-Simbach, Schaerding-Neuhaus, Passau-Ingling, and Oberaudorf-Ebbs. OeBK also holds 47 % of the hydroelectric station at Nussdorf, which was built in co-operation with Innkraftwerke GmbH Toeging. The capacity of OeBK plants on the River Inn is 365 MW, and they produce around 2 billion kWh every year.