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Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut#

Oesterreichisches Archaeologisches Institut (Austrian Archeological Institute), research institution founded in 1898 by F. A. O. Benndorf to carry out archaeological excavations (e.g. since 1895 in Ephesus) and to further young academics. Main research projects in Austria include Bruckneudorf, Carnuntum, St. Poelten and St. Peter in Salzburg. The most important research activity abroad are excavations in Ephesus which resumed in 1955. There are branches in Athens (excavations in Aigeira, Elis and Lousoi) and Cairo (excavations Tell el Dab´a).


"Jahreshefte" (annual publications, since 1898); reports etc., special publications; "Forschungen in Ephesos", "Forschungen in Salona", etc.