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Österreichisches Wörterbuch#

Oesterreichisches Woerterbuch (Austrian Dictionary), official rulebook and dictionary, replaced the rulebooks of 1879 and 1902 "Regeln fuer die deutsche Rechtschreibung nebst Woerterverzeichnis" (Rules for German Orthography with Index of Words), which formerly served as a basis for orthography in Austrian schools and offices. The Austrian Dictionary was first published in 1951 on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education as the so-called "Mittlere Ausgabe" (medium-sized edition); the edition for Volksschulen is called "Kleines Oesterreichisches Woerterbuch" (Small Austrian Dictionary), a large edition has not yet been published. Since it is mainly intended for use in schools, the Austrian Dictionary comprises only the core Austrian vocabulary. In addition to the spelling rules valid in Austria it lists the German basic vocabulary with emphasis on Austrian German and typical Austrian vocabulary ( Austriacism). The completely revised and enlarged 35th edition (1979) as well as the 37th edition (1990) anticipated changes brought about by the spelling reform covering the entire German-speaking area. The 38th edition which appeared in 1997 was also considerably enlarged and was available in a school edition as well as a regular edition. It incorporated the new German spelling reforms, which have been applicable since Sept. 1, 1998 (transition phase until 2005).