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Oetscher Mountain, Lower Austria, alt. 1,893 m, prominent mountain between the upper courses of the rivers Ois (Ybbs) and Erlauf; protruding island of the Limestone Alps above the Eisenwurzen mountains, visible from afar. From the main peak (Grosser Oetscher with wide panoramic view) the rocky "Rauher Kamm" ridge stretches to the northeast; in the southwest the Riffelsattel (alt. 1,283 m) separates the Kleine Oetscher (alt. 1,552 m) and the wooded Schwarze Oetscher (alt. 1,188 m) from the main massif, which borders the deep gorge of the Oetscher stream in the south (Oetscher gorge), the upper Erlauftal valley with the rock faces of the Hintere Tormaeuer in the east and north. The mountain, which contains numerous caves ( Oetscher Caves), is steeped in legend ("Father Oetscher") and received its name from the Slavic word "otec" (father). Nature preserve. Starting point for the many tourists attracted to the area is Lackenhof (alt. 809 m, chair lift) in the northwest near Lunz. Base: Oetscher refuge (alt. 1,418 m). Oetscher Tormaeuer nature park (90 km2 with stalactite cave, Trefflingfall waterfall, Toreck-Klamm gorge, Holzknecht museum, ravine, etc.)