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AKM, "Staatlich genehmigte Gesellschaft der Autoren, Komponisten und Musikverleger reg. Gen. m. b. H." ("Government-approved Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers, registered limited liability co-operative"), founded 1895 in Vienna. In its function as a trustee, AKM manages and exploits its members' copyrights to works of music by collecting a royalty for public performances of these works. After overhead costs are deducted, the proceeds are distributed to the artists according to their respective shares. Served as a model for other collecting societies (Literar-Mechana, Verwertungsgesellschaft bildender Kuenstler, Musikedition). Presidents of AKM since 1945: B. Herzmansky (1945-1950); J. Marx (1950-1964); G. v. Einem (1965-1979); A. Uhl (1970-1975); M. Rubin (1975-1984); H. Gattermeyer (1984-1990); G. Wimberger (1990-1998); P. W. Fuerst (1998).

Further reading#

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