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AMF Austria Milch- und Fleischvermarktung reg. Gen. m. b. H.#

AMF Austria Milch- und Fleischvermarktung reg. Gen. m. b. H. (Austria Milk and Meat Marketing, registered limited liability co-operative), co-operative founded 1990; main business areas were formerly: marketing milk and dairy products, livestock and meat. Locations in Pasching (Upper Austria), Vienna, etc.; 4,200 employees. AMF Group revenues were ATS 27.5 bn in 1993. After Austria´s accession to the EU in 1995 and the subsequent liberalisation of the market for agricultural products in Austria, the AMF was re-structured to form a holding company; which now only administrates the remaining assets. Operating activities have been passed on to Vivatis Holding AG and its subsidiaries.