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ASKÖ, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Körperkultur in Österreich#

ASKOe, Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Sport und Koerperkultur in Oesterreich, umbrella sports organisation within the Austrian Bundes-Sportorganisation. Formed in 1924 as successor to the Verband der Arbeiter- und Soldatensportvereinigungen (VAS, Association of Workers' and Soldiers' Sports Clubs). ASKOe quickly developed to become Austria's most important sports organisations, was banned in 1934 and revived in 1945 (with approx. 20,000 members). As of 2000, ASKOe had approximately 1.1 million members in almost 4,200 clubs.

ASKOe is divided into 9 provincial associations, in which 85 different sports are currently practised. It organises sporting events for all age groups and annual national championships in each individual sport type. ASKOe trains its volunteer staff and serves as the representative body for the interests of its member clubs.