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Abensperg-Traun, Familie#

Abensberg-Traun, noble family from Upper Austria; the family still exists; today their family seats are in Petronell and Maissau (Lower Austria). In the 13th century, members of the Traun family were estate officials; they were given the title of Counts von Abensberg und Traun in 1653. Besides Otto Ferdinand Count von Abensberg-Traun Ernst Count von A.-T. (b. Vienna, March 26, 1608, d. Vienna, Nov. 18, 1668) ought to be mentioned; he was an imperial general during the 30 Years´ War, later Vice Martial President at court and Military Governor of Vienna. Otto Ehrenreich Count von A.-T. (b. March 13, 1644, d. Sept. 8, 1715) was Marshal of Lower Austria during the year of the Turkish siege, 1683.